vineri, 26 martie 2010

'Sup? Yes i'm still here! stay tuned ;)

'Sup blogosphere? Yeah i'm still here! This was a big crazay week and now i finally can enjoy some quality time surfing the internet for news about my interneted life for you! I hadn't too much time, not even for twitter, but now i'm here for you, totally. Pinky promise :D About things im planning to do this week...tryin to record one of my fave song this time - the amazing Fireflies by Owlcity. It's pretty hard, yup. But you there stay tuned for more fun posts about witty things if find on the internet!

sâmbătă, 20 martie 2010


M-a apucat blogareala in romana de cand a venit primavara, desi eu sunt mai bilingva de obicei si prefer sa scriu in engleza. Special pentru voi am facut putina documentare, am deschis televizorul si am dat pe un post la intamplare, m-am instalat pe canapea si am belit ochii vreo 20 de minute la reclame. M-am mirat de cate prostii dau astia la TV... ca reclama aia la detergent, nu dau nume, in care fata sarea pe geam ca simtise "parfumul hipnotizant" al asternuturilor spalate cu detergentul respectiv. Dar ce, doamne, usa nu aveau? Sau cea la T*c-T*c, cand fata incepe sa danseze aruncandu-si bomboane mentolate in gura, oripilandu-i pe oamenii de afaceri din lift...Fata aia, pe langa ca era in trenning intr-o cladire de afaceri, mai si dansa ca o ciudata prin fata liftului. Reclamele alea ma oripileaza si pe mine. Oh, si reclamele la Cola, ce mi-au chinuit ochi...stiti, alea cu creierul, ochii si limba. Ewww! Nu cred ca stiu vreo reclama romaneasca desteapta, sau poate nu m-am uitat eu destul. Stiu, totusi, o reclama cu George Clooney, la Nespresso, in engleza, misto de tot. cred ca se gaseste pe youtube. M-as uita la aceea de o suta de ori fara sa ma plictisesc.

Daca voi stiti reclame mai rasarite, spune-ti-mi si mie.


joi, 18 martie 2010

Primavara nu vine, doar se preface :(

Cand vine primavara? Are cineva raspuns la aceasta intrebare? Ca tenisii mei s-au saturat de interiorul pantofarului si vor pe-afara. La fel si gecuta mea de primavara din Barcelona. Vreau balerini! Vreau vacanta! Vreau ghiocei! Si sa vina ziua mea odata. Vreau primavara! Urata vremea asta, care-si bate joc de tine. Ieri a nins, da acuma ma uit pe geam si vad ca-i soare...da am iesit mai devreme sa ma duc la doctor, ca sunt cam racita, si stiu ca bate vantul rau si pana si tenisii mei de iarna (din piele intoarsa cu blanitza) erau speriati. Nici nu stiu in ce sa ma mai imbrac, ca-n geaca de iarna mi-e cald, da' in gecuta de primavara mi-e frig rau :( eu zic sa vina odata primavara asta, c-a fost iarna destul si stiu ca si voi aveti tenisi si balerini care vor la role, daca sunteti mai nostalgici...Am fost prin parcul Carol ieri si-am inghetat de frig. Doamne, ce-as mai vrea o inghetata!

Rugati-o si voi sa vina, primavara asta. C-o astept. Si tenisii mei mov la fel.


Romania - Land of Choice

Am ales sa bloggaresc putin in romana zilele-astea, ca sa mai fie si prietenii mei, bloggerii romani, ce se mai intampla prin Capitala pe la noi. Ma plimbam prin weekend pe centru si am intrat intr-un McDonald's ca nu mai puteam de foame. Am iesit cu bigmac-ul pe tava sa mananc afara si tocmai cand ieseam un pusti de vreo treispe ani intreaba angajatul care stergea sarguincios o masa: "Aveti o scrumiera?". Uit de bigmac-ul meu si urmaresc, interesata, cum tipul il masoara pe pusti din priviri si apoi ii da scrumiera. Baiatul se duce la masa lui, unde mai erau vreo doi prieteni cu tenul la fel de inchis la culoare ca al lui, si in aceleasi hanorace de la piata, mandri nevoie mare, langa prietenele lor siliconate si buzate, cu cel putin trei ani mai mari si 50 cm mai inalte. Cei sase si-au scos pachetele de tigari si au inceput sa traga cu spor.
Alta faza "afumata" avut loc cand mergeam spre scoala acum doua saptamani. In curte, o gasca de copii de vreo 11 ani, majoritatea repetenti, trageau fumuri, razand ca niste drogati. Bravo, ma, baieti.
Acum vreun an, veneam de la scoala cu o gasca de prietene. Eu stau cel mai departe, asa ca gasca s-a spart si eu am ramas sa parcurg ultimii metri spre casa. In scara, sprijiniti de primele trepte, doi baieti de vreo saispe ani trageau pe nas continutul unei pungi de detergent, balbaind o conversatie unul spre celalalt. De fapt, cred ca unul murmura pentru sine in klingoniana iar celalalt adormise, cu capul pe balustrada.
N-am ce zice. Happy End-ingul la aceasta poveste are actiunea pe DN1, DN2 sau Autostrada Soarelui ori in cea mai apropiata inchisoare municipala.

mult prea surprinsa voastra

sâmbătă, 13 martie 2010

Just about Love

Love is amazing. Love with your whole being, love crazily, even if you might be hurt sometimes. Cause its a huge game. You're just a player in it - play your best. Meet new players. Upload new scores. Be the winner. Love.


vineri, 12 martie 2010

Anne Hathaway - AKA The White Queen

Surfing around on and checking Anne Hathaway's latest movies. Anne played this year the character of Liz in the production "Valentine's Day", and the White Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Anne played this role with her natural charm i know from her role of Andrea Sachs in "The Devil Wears Prada". Even though her role in Alice in Wonderland was pretty short, she was just amazing. Don't believe, go whatch Alice in Wonderland.

xoxo Lily

Things i learned out from the internet

I learned a few very important things that guide my life from the internet. They're funny and awkward, so here there are:

1. When nothing goes right, go left. You'll find the way.

2. Yo. I'm so cool, ice cubes are jealous.

3.What i do daily is 1. getting up from the bed 2. surviving 3. going back in the bed.

4. Nobody ever uses the white crayon.

5. The capital letters from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday put all together make a pretty bad word...

6. Therapy is expensive, poppin' bubble wrap is cheap. And funnier.

7. We go together like cookies and milk.

8. Muffins are ugly cuppycakes, but they taste better.

9. Dialogue between me and a smart friend: 'What does "IDK" means?' 'I don't know' 'Ughh! Nobody knows!'

10.What should I do when i see someone extremely gorgeous? Stare, smile, and when i get tired...put the mirror down.

11.I run with scissors. It makes me feel dangerous.

12. I'm the type of person that can watch hudreds of horror movies and not get scared but screa at the top of my lungs when toast pops out of the toaster.

13. Sometimes i pretend to be normal. But it gets boring so i go back to being me.

14. You should drink coffee! Do dumb things faster with MORE ENERGY!!!

15. Say no to drugs. Say yes to chocolate.

16. You are hot, sexy, cool. Oops, sorry. Wrong person.

17. I'm the type of person who will burst out laughing in dead silence at something that happened yesterday.

18. Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

19. My imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems...

20.Strenght is nothing more than how well you hide your pain.

thats it. Enjoy.

xoxo Lily

luni, 8 martie 2010

the US2 show

Yeah, the show i'm directing, filming and playing in. MY SHOW, along my BFF Sylvie. We're still struggling 4 filming the first episode. US2 - the life of Lily and Sylvie is just a show about our daily life - annoying class-mates, school, teachers, parents - and in the middle of all, just us. make sure you're gonna check one day. until then...

xoxo Lily


People say i'm dumb. Ok, i'm not DUMB. If im blonde, it doesn't means i'm DUMB. ok, i have my blonde moments (like when i had some viruses in the computer and when i got my iMac clean they said "press any key to continue" i was like "ok, now where is the ANY key?"). I know. I have my ones. But i have one question now, and any smart guy/gall around is invited to answer:...umm...OK. I FORGOT. but no, i'm not dumb. i'm that smart that people ask me to remind many things. and accidentally i forgot this one.
:P tzeapa fraierilorrr kre s-au obosit sa citeasca postul :P
xoxo Lily

it's an AVATAR thing

James Cameron's capodopera was just the big thing that shooked the whole planet this year. It's an AVATAR thing. I have to tell - with shame - that i've seen the movie late, two months after it came in theaters. It was a revelation though - the 3D technique, the soundtrack - Leona Lewis got that song, "I see you", the story, all. I pretty liked it, even though in some point it got a lil' boring. I haven't seen the heart locker, directed by Cameron's wife. I wanna check it too, just to make a comparation.
But the AVATAR phenomenon got even in my kingdom - on the official website, amazon, the whole internet world got hacked by this thing.
The thing i liked the most were those sweet seeds - the seeds of Eywa - and the way people touched the ground and it started lightning. That was a gorgeous thing. It's weird how grown-ups show up how lame they are like all the time and sometimes they show how creative can be. So if you like avatar, if you're like me, let's make it our avatar thing. Shall we?
xoxo Lily

duminică, 7 martie 2010

Followed and follower/ urmaritul si urmaritorul

Yeah, on twitter, if you want or if you don't, you get followed. This is the deal with twitter. Now let's clear this thang, just for the ones who're new on twitter. You follow whoever you want - friends or celebrities. Or unfollow 'em whenever u want. You list them if they're important for you. And that's the whole meaning of twitter. Oh, and the tweets, who can be funny, philosophic, ironic or just things people should RT (retweet). Twitter is also about using your own internet-ed language. With many short forms and emoticons. Imma publish my very own soon.

Well...this is it.

xoxo Lily

Mda, pe twitter, chiar daca vrei sau nu, esti followat/a (urmarit/a). Asta-i spilu' cu twitter-u. Acum ca sa clarificam si kestia asta, pentru aia noi pe twitter. Follow-ezi pe cine vrei - prieteni sau celebritati. Sau ii unfollow-ezi. Apoi, ii listezi pe cei importanti pentru tine. Si cam asta este tot intelesul cu twitter-ul. Ah, si tweet-urile (mesajele pe care le scrii, n.t) care pot sa fie amuzante, filozofice, ironice sau doar chestii pentru RT (retweet-are). Totu' este, de asemenea, in legatura cu folosirea propriului tau limbaj internetat. Cu multe prescurtari si emoticoane, da' nu ca la hi5, cum fac toate "printesele" de pe acolo. O sa public lista mea foarte personala in curand.

Deeeeci...asta a fost tot.

xoxo Lily