luni, 8 martie 2010

it's an AVATAR thing

James Cameron's capodopera was just the big thing that shooked the whole planet this year. It's an AVATAR thing. I have to tell - with shame - that i've seen the movie late, two months after it came in theaters. It was a revelation though - the 3D technique, the soundtrack - Leona Lewis got that song, "I see you", the story, all. I pretty liked it, even though in some point it got a lil' boring. I haven't seen the heart locker, directed by Cameron's wife. I wanna check it too, just to make a comparation.
But the AVATAR phenomenon got even in my kingdom - on the official website, amazon, the whole internet world got hacked by this thing.
The thing i liked the most were those sweet seeds - the seeds of Eywa - and the way people touched the ground and it started lightning. That was a gorgeous thing. It's weird how grown-ups show up how lame they are like all the time and sometimes they show how creative can be. So if you like avatar, if you're like me, let's make it our avatar thing. Shall we?
xoxo Lily

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