joi, 8 aprilie 2010

Top 10 things we all do

Yes! they're things you do, and you were afraid you were the only one. No, you're not alone! They're embrrasing, witty, funny and we all do em. Here they are:
10) when its winter and its alot of snow around, you step in the footprints other people left to NOT get your shoes wet.
9) you are VERY late, and run into your room to get something, forget, remember about something you wanted to grab EARLIER, go put it in your bag, and remember about the first thing, grab it and run out.

8) you burst into laughter at something that happened yesterday.

7) forget'd rather fall in chocolate.

6)if you didn't make your homework cuz you stayed late to watch horror movies and you call all your friends to check if you aren't the only one.

5) you watch horror movies when someone provokes you, even if you know you won't be able to sleep the whole night.

4)you always wake up RIGHT at the best part of the dream.

3) you're scared by how addicted to twitter/myspace/blog/iPod/iPhone/cellphone/generally computer you got.

2)you fall asleep when someone plays with your hair.

1) WHEN SOMEONE TYPES LIKE THIS or your mind reads it loud or with breaks.

Thats all my best. If you know more, comment me. (BTW: the 10 things might not be in the best order. feel free to notice me if #2 should be #8 or things like that).

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