vineri, 23 aprilie 2010

Where is the love?

I know on a blog it doesn't go "kool" if you talk about those tabu stuff happening in our world. But although, i don't believe in this. Let the truth come out. Let's be honest. We're living in a world full of crimes, killers, curses, wars and fights. We hear daily news about brothers killing each other, children killing their parents, wars, desperate and poor people, disabled animals, all hidden behind a shiny mask of...perfectness. This post isn't just to fill the space left on my blog. It's a message. I'm gonna put it on my twitter, myspace and facebook, hoping my words - and the song along them - will move something in your hearts. We're just humans, but we can do so much.


2 comentarii:

  1. Nu`s eu adepta trupei asteia,dar trebuie sa recunosc ca are niste melodii bune.. ca asta.Apropo..tocmai ca o auzisem astazi cand m`a dus mama la scoala la radio..cantam si eu "father,father,father.." :)))